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Biosecurity has become a top priority for us due to the risks of Avian Influenza and other poultry diseases.  Based on newly incorporated NPIP guidelines, we have made major investments into our facility to maintain the highest level of biosecurity possible for our operation.  Below are just a few of the improvements we have made so far.

Dedicated employee parking lot with a biosecurity entrance building for all employees before they report to work.

Danish entry system in the entrance building for all employees to leave their street shoes and put on their work shoes.

Grated floor to wash shoes before entering break room.

Danish entry systems to access critical buildings like the hatchery.

Plastic 3T Crates continue to be purchased for easy cleaning and washing after deliveries.

We are in the process of building a dedicated wash building to wash all crates and vehicles before returning from deliveries to the farm.  In addition, construction is almost complete for a new crate storage facility with room to stage clean vehicles that are ready for deliveries.