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Egg & Chick Handling
1-800-982-9913        559 Flying Eagle Rd, Dalmatia PA 17017

Eggs are collected from 3T nest boxes 3-5 times per day using electric golf carts.  The eggs are placed on plastic flats and loaded in special carriers that hold up to 180 eggs.  Using the plastic flats and carriers reduces cracks and allows easy counting of the eggs.

The eggs are then brought to our newly expanded and renovated hatchery to be processed.  Egg and chick supplies are stored in separate, dedicated rooms to prevent any cross-contamination of bacteria within the hatchery.

Eggs are kept in the carriers and submerged in a wash tank with a propeller to remove any mud, dirt, and bacteria.  They are then rinsed and dipped in a sanitizer to disinfect the eggs.

After the eggs are washed, they are placed in a climate controlled room on specially designed aluminum shelves to dry.  The shelves are designed to prevent cross-contamination from the wash room to the sorting room and increase efficiency.

The following day, the eggs are inspected for size, color, and cracks.  As they are being inspected, they are either placed on trays for incubating or packed in egg cases to be sent to other hatcheries.  The eggs are then stored in a walk-in cooler with 5 rooms that are kept at a consistent temperature and humidity to protect the embryos and minimize moisture loss in the egg.

Eggs scheduled to be shipped to another hatchery are packed in egg cases layered with energy absorbing foam and bound with plastic strapping for protection.  Egg orders are shipped on Monday's via UPS, FedEx, or Freight Carrier.

Eggs that aren't shipped are set on Fridays in multi-stage, NatureForm incubators.  Using 21 machines, we have an incubator capacity of 452,088 eggs and can hatch 150,696 eggs per week.

After three weeks of incubating, the eggs are taken out and a new batch of eggs are set in the incubators.  The eggs are transferred into specially designed hatch baskets.  The eggs will stay in the hatchers for 4 days and will begin hatching Sunday night into Monday morning.

We begin taking off chicks Monday morning.  The chicks are placed in plastic boxes for processing.  Any unhatched eggs are placed back in the hatchers until Tuesday morning.

Pheasant chicks can be sexed and separated by male and female, if necessary.  We guarantee at least 85% accuracy.

Chicks are inspected and counted into separate boxes for orders.

After chicks are inspected and counted, they are staged in a climate controlled room for temperature and carbon dioxide until they are either pick-up or delivered.

PGC Permit #19181
NPIP 23-269
US Pullorum-Typhoid Clean
US H5/H7 AI Clean
US H5/H7 LPAI Monitored