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Egg Handling
Eggs are collected from nest boxes 4-6 times per day using electric golf carts, which give the eggs an easy ride and minimize the disturbance to the birds.  The eggs are placed on plastic flats and are loaded in carriers that hold up to 180 eggs.  Using the flats, with carriers, reduces cracks in the eggs and allows easy counting.


Eggs are kept in carriers and submerged in a wash tank with a propeller to remove any mud, dirt, and bacteria.

After the eggs are washed, they are rinsed, inspected for any missed dirt, and dipped in a disinfectant.  They are then placed in a cooler that has a consistent temperature and humidity to protect the embryos and minimize moisture loss in the egg.


The following day, the eggs are inspected for size, color, and cracks.  They are packed in egg cases layered with energy absorbing foam and bound with plastic strapping for protection.  Egg orders are shipped on Monday's via UPS, FedEx, or Freight Carrier.


Eggs that aren't shipped are set in multi-stage, NatureForm incubators every Friday.

Three weeks later, the eggs are transfered into hatchers and a new batch of eggs are set in the incubators.  The eggs, in the specially designed hatch baskets, will begin hatching Sunday night and be ready to take out Monday morning.