Wash Building

To prevent any disease being brought back onto our farm, all vehicles returning from deliveries must stop at our off-site wash facility to be cleaned and disinfected.


Crates are unloaded and staged to be run through a crate washer.  After the vehicles are cleaned and disinfected, they drive out the clean side of the building to be taken to the farm. 

Crate Washer

Crates are cleaned using a 4-stage washer.  They run through a pre-wash, wash, rinse, and disinfection process at a rate of 600 crates per hour.

A propane, steam boiler maintains 140 degree wash water.

Crates exit the washer and transition onto a conveyor system to be loaded on a transport wagon.

We also use the washer to clean feed pans, water pans, specs, chick boxes, and hatch baskets.  An alternate roller section is used to manage the multiple items we wash.

Drying Area

Items that need dried before stacking are placed under fans mounted to the ceiling. 


Shuttle Service

Clean crates are taken back to the farm using transport wagons.

Vehicles are shuttled back to the farm using electric golf carts.


Drivers keep all delivery clothing in a separate locker room at the wash building.  A Danish entry system is used to maintain separation between street clothing and delivery clothing. 


Danish Entry Systems

We use Danish Entry systems at critical lines of separation by utilizing a bench across an opening to prevent cross-contamination.  A person has separate footwear on each side of the bench.  As you take off your shoes on one side of the bench, you swing your legs over the bench to put on your other footwear.  Never let your stocking feet touch the floor.  Booties can also be put on, if you don’t have alternative footwear.  It is a good idea to have hand sanitizer available after changing shoes.

Alternate Entry System

If it isn’t practical to use a Danish Entry System or pan of disinfectant to step in, we utilize a bucket with lid and a tray of foot powder.  The bucket stores booties and hand sanitizer.  Grab a pair of booties out of the bucket and use the bucket to sit on.  As you put each booty over your shoes, place your foot down on the tray.  Use hand sanitizer, then step out of the tray directly across your line of separation.