Sprinter Van

Eggs that are not delivered by UPS or FedEx are typically delivered using a van.


Chick Trailers

Large orders of chicks are hauled in our specially designed chick trailers that run off of an on-board generator.

The trailers have a custom ventilation system to ensure proper air circulation, regardless of load size.

Temperature and CO2 are monitored to guarantee chicks are delivered stress free.

Flat Bed Trucks

Smaller orders of started and mature birds are delivered using our custom flat beds.


They have an adjustable air intake to divert fresh air for the birds.


Slots in the front of the bulkhead direct air between the rows of crates to dissipate heat without directly hitting the birds.


Load bars and spacers on the floor maintain proper gaps between the crates for airflow.  A plastic floor, along with an unloading hook, eliminate the need to climb into the the truck to load and unload.


Goose Neck Trailers

Large orders of started and mature birds are delivered using our custom trailers.

The trailers utilize a powerful, fan system that forces fresh air through the entire trailer to guarantee birds are delivered stress free and in excellent condition.

Special glide rails are utilized to make loading and unloading more efficient utilizing less people. 

Spring loaded load bars ensure proper spacing between crates for air flow and eliminate the need for any strapping.