Egg Production

Pheasant Collection

Pheasant breeders are kept in outdoor pens.  Golf carts are used to collect eggs from 3T Nest Boxes. 

Shavings are used in nest boxes to keep eggs clean and minimize breakage.  Dividers keep shavings distributed evenly.


Chukar Collection

Chukar eggs are collected from outdoor wire pens.


All eggs are brought to a centralized hatchery with dedicated storage spaces and biosecurity entrances.  Supplies are purchased once per year prior to the start of the season to minimize the risk of bringing disease into the hatchery. 

Egg Wash Room

A 4-station wash room is used to wash and sanitize eggs before they enter the egg sorting room.

Egg Sorting Room

Eggs are placed on shelving to dry until the next day.  The permanent shelves allow the egg collectors to stage eggs for sorting without contaminating the egg room. 


The egg room is designed to increase efficiency and prevent cross-contamination. 



5 Coolers are used to store eggs.  Any eggs not packed in boxes for shipping are placed on trays to set in incubators.