Office & Visitor Entrance

Our office has separate parking lots and entrances for employees and visitors/customers.  If a visitor would like to leave the visitor area, they sit on the bench, grab a pair of booties out of the gray storage bin, and put them on while swinging their legs over the bench onto the farm side.


Employees in the office do not walk the same places as visitors.


Visitors have their own entrance into a separate vestibule with a restroom, and can’t cross into the office.


Farm Employee Entrance

We have a dedicated farm employee parking lot with a biosecurity entrance building to change into farm shoes.

Employees enter the far door and sit on the bench to take off their street shoes.  They swing their legs over the bench into the center of the “U” shape to put on their farm shoes.  Street shoes stay on the outside of the bench, and farm shoes stay on the inside.

Locker Room

Farm employees enter the locker room through a wash area with a grated floor so shoes can be sprayed off to remove any debris.  A pan of disinfectant is located at the entrance to the locker room to step in before entering the locker room.


Each employee has their own locker to keep all farm clothing on site. There is a hanging rod down the center of the locker room with fans mounted overhead to dry wet clothing.  A dehumidifier takes excess moisture out of the air.  Wet gloves are dried on a rack over a heater.


Break Room

Plastic chairs are used so they can be cleaned easily.

In addition to bathroom sinks, 2 wash stations are available to wash up before entering the break room.

A fully functional kitchen with 4 microwaves is available to prepare food.