Mature Production

Pheasant Pens

Pheasant pens are (1) acre on average to maximize bird performance.


Corn is planted in pens to encourage a pheasant’s natural foraging instincts and to help hold up the nets in the winter.


Chukar Pens

Chukar Partridge are raised on wire for quality and flightability.

Crate Building

All clean crates and wagons for catching birds are stored in a centralized location. 


Catching Gamebirds

We catch and inspect every bird by hand.

Birds are handed out a door to be placed in crates.

Crating Gamebirds

Wagons are used to transport crates to the pens.  Since birds are handed out of the catch pen, the crates never need to leave the wagon. 


3T Plastic crates are designed to keep game birds in excellent condition during delivery.  They are lightweight, easy to clean, and have door configurations that can be customized to meet your needs. 


Staging Area

The crate building is designed to stage gamebirds and trailers for loading.  Fans are located on the ceiling to keep birds cool before they are loaded.