A 4% Discount is given on all egg orders to account for any cracks during transportation.  When shipped, they are packed with foam in specially designed transport cartons and sent by UPS, FedEx, or Freight Carrier.

Pheasant eggs are typically available March-July.  Chukar eggs are usually available March-September.


4% Extra chicks are included at no charge.  When shipped, they are sent by Priority or Express mail.  All sexed chicks are quaranteed 85%.

Pheasant chicks are typically available April-August.  Chukar chicks are usually available April-September.


Started birds are typically sold June-September and usually range in age from 6-12 weeks.  Gamebirds less than 6 weeks have more difficulty dealing with the added stress during transportation.  Birds over 12 weeks risk loosing their tail feathers, because their feathers aren’t firmly set in place, while they are still growing.

Our most popular started bird is an 8 week old, because it has been outside at least 2 weeks to adjust to changing weather conditions.  A 10 week old is also very popular, because they will have already received one round of worming medication.


Mature birds are typically sold September-March.  Although pheasants can be fully colored at 18-20 weeks, we don’t consider them fully mature until 22 weeks, when their tail feathers are set.  Partridge are usually mature at 16 weeks.

A tail feather is set and much less likely to pull out, when all of the blood in the quill dries and gets firm.


In 2007, we created a business called 3T Products out of our need for better products for the gamebird industry.  We continue to refine and develop products that enable producers to cost effectively raise quality gamebirds.  Because we use the same products on our own farm, our first-hand experience is invaluable in helping us choose the right products to offer.

Our mission at 3T Products is to provide one-stop shopping for quality products at a fair price.  Our goal is to utilize our experience and combined volume to provide both proven and new products that will enhance the gamebird and other industries.

For a complete listing of our products and prices, click on the logo (link) to the right to check out our website at www.3TProducts.com or call us at 866-439-4660 for a catalog.